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Chest "Love from Evening to the Morning"

Chest "Love from Evening to the Morning"

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  • Доступна оплата частинами від monobank

Together with this modern Ukrainian chest, your home will come alive, like a folk song in a contemporary rendition.

Integrated carpets with a symbolic depiction of a Ukrainian home, filled with the warmth of love – it's like small windows into the heart of our culture.

The chest is made of ash – a sturdy wood that, much like our people, withstands the tests of time.

This is not just a decorative item; it's a true journey into the world of Ukrainian culture, where you will feel like a part of modern cultural heritage.

Materials: ash wood, carpets on all sides (20% cotton, 80% wool), lined with fabric inside, and adorned with chains. Handmade.

Dimensions: 130x70x45cm

Customization is possible in a different size (production time 4-8 weeks).

Made in Ukraine (wooden part) and India (carpet part) with an exclusive design by Pupcha.

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