🐑 Handknotted technique - in simple words, it is manual tying of knots, and the density of such knots per 10 cm can be from 60 to 150 pcs. This is an ancient weaving technique and the highest quality of carpets as of now.

🐑 Handtufted technique - the one with a tufting gun that stitch yarn into the canvas. These carpets are more voluminous, soft, have a slightly higher pile.

Both options are completely handmade, made in India and Nepal with exclusive Pupcha designs. Carpets have the GoodWeave international certificate.

Production time:

Handknotted technique ~ from 2.5 months depending on the required size;

Handtufted technique ~ from 1.5 months depending on the required size.

(Plus 1.5-2 weeks for delivery and customs clearance in Ukraine).

Handtufted carpets require only dry cleaning (a vacuum cleaner without a hard brush attachment, do not wet the product completely),the best way is to use special sprays for carpets or furniture, they can easily cope with local stains and pollution. Carpets in this technique also differ in the back side, they have a stitched base.

Carpets in the handknotted technique can be cleaned both dry and wet, the back side reflects the front side.

Payment for custom-made carpets:
50% of the cost of the carpet is paid after approval of all details, and the remaining 50% - when the carpet is ready (but before shipping to Ukraine, you will be provided with all photos of the finished carpet).

For a detailed calculation of the required size and equipment, please write to our Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp: +380971018135