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Pupcha Branded Bag

Pupcha Branded Bag

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  • Доступна оплата частинами від monobank

An inexhaustible source of aesthetic pleasure!

Made of dense velor on the outside and 100% viscose on the inside, which feels like silk to the touch. If desired, the handbag can even be turned inside out and worn like this. In this case, the handles will be velor, and the handbag itself will be in a beautiful print.

Decorated with a tassel and a removable embroidered chevron, which can be replaced with a patterned chevron, depending on the mood, event or wardrobe.

Material: velor, viscose, silk tassel, chevron (on Velcro)

Size: width 31 cm, height (including handles) 38 cm

Quantity is limited, possible to order (delivery time 1-1.5 weeks)

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