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Blanket "Starry Night"

Blanket "Starry Night"

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  • Доступна оплата частинами від monobank
"Such a moonlit night..."

There's a famous Ukrainian song that inspired us to create this blanket, but we get that you might not be familiar with Mykhailo Starytskiy's music (although you should totally give it a try).

We recommend wrapping yourself snugly in this enchanting velvet blanket with your loved one.

This blanket is like a kiss from the night wind. Each stitch is like a gentle chord in the melody of an unforgettable night.

The blanket is reversible, and its color palette is taken from the sky itself: the deep shade of blue is like the boundless depth of the night sky, and the warm golden hue is like the last rays of the setting sun beyond the horizon.

Every evening will become magical, and sleep - a fairy dance of stars in the colorful night sky.

Details: blue velvet with appliqué embroidery, golden velvet with semi-circular stitching, filled with synthetic padding 150 g/m, tassels.

Care: gentle/hand wash

Made in Ukraine with the exclusive design by Pupcha.

Limited quantity, possible custom order (production time 3 weeks).

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