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Rug "Playful Horseys"

Rug "Playful Horseys"

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  • Доступна оплата частинами від monobank

This carpet is a real master of the house (but only while you are not at home). Its wavy frame - like the dance of Ukrainian girls on the meadows - reflects boundless grace and vivacity. And the symbols of nature, which explode with colors - like a meeting of traditional and modern in a fun game of shapes and colors.

From flowers and herbs to bright birds, every design element is combined in this carpet to create a unique kaleidoscope of Ukrainian nature right in the walls of your home.

The image of toy grasshoppers is not just nostalgia for childhood, but a real journey into the world of dreams and fantasies. The grasshopper is like a unique character from a fairy-tale world, ready to give your home a dose of fun and energy.

Let every step on this undulating masterpiece be a step into the world of bright emotions and modern Ukrainian style.

The handmade carpet is made using the handtufted technique

Size: 230x160 cm

Composition: 20% cotton; 80% wool

Available to order in soft beige-pink colors with the addition of bamboo silk, as well as in any other size (production time 8-12 weeks)

Care: here

Made in India with an exclusive Pupcha design

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