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Carpet Drunken Lollipop

Carpet Drunken Lollipop

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  • Доступна оплата частинами від monobank

Carpet for the brave!

This handsome carpet has an unusual and eccentric shape that resembles a lollipop that has spread from the heat. The physical embodiment of creativity and modern design, where geometric lines and unexpected shapes become the key element of an exquisite interior.

Its form and bright shades of give a positive mood and a feeling of lightness and experimentation, which will emphasize your unique view of modern trends in the interior.

It will definitely become the center of attention, so let it become not only an element of decor, but also an impetus for a creative approach to arranging your living space.

Available to order in any size in one of the handmade techniques: handknotted or handtufted .

Material: 20% cotton, 80% wool

Photo: Yulia Yakubyshyn
Design project: Yana Molodikh
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